Ensure a Steady Supply of Hot Water With Quality Water Heater Repairs in Binghamton NY

The water heater is one of the most common appliances in the home, yet it is one of the most neglected as well. One reason for this is the areas where water heaters tend to be installed. Placing this appliance in a garage or attic makes it practically invisible. Forgetting the appliance exists usually results in missed maintenance and this can force the unit to fail or worse, to develop a leak. Luckily, an expert with Water Heater Repairs in Binghamton NY can help by replacing or repairing the system.

There are various kinds of water heaters. The most common is the storage based unit, which holds the heated water in a large tank. This method of heating water works by burning natural gas or through the use of electrical resistance. Controlling the amount of heat is done with temperature sensing systems and a variety of limiting switches. Gas based units need a fuel feed and this also requires specific control systems. If this type of appliance is having issues, then the fault may be in the fuel supply lines or the ignition system.

Electric units often require Water Heater Repairs in Binghamton NY when an element fails. Heating elements are immersed in the water and transfer the heat directly to the liquid. Direct transference provides efficient heating without the interference of heating the tank first like the gas based models. Problems occur in electric systems when scale and water deposits accumulate on the heating elements. This causes corrosion and leads to the demise of the element. Most electric units have two elements so they may not quit completely, however, the amount of available hot water can drop dramatically.

The best way to reduce the chance of water heater failure is maintenance. For example, the tank should be flushed on an annual basis. Flushing the tank removes mineral deposits that can affect the quality of the water and damage the piping. Another important maintenance task is testing the pressure release valve. This simple little valve is designed to prevent the tank from bursting under intense pressure. Ensuring it functions could avoid a lot of damage. Discover more information about water heater service and repair from the experts at Fancher Appliance.

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