Enjoying The Beauty Of Natural Copper Doors

There are many different types of external doors to consider for any home or office, but it is hard to match the natural beauty and durability of copper doors. With their amazing textures, designs, and unique color they are a beautiful addition to the exterior of your home. Combine this with a rich mahogany inside to the door or pre-finished hardwood, and this makes a definite statement from either side of the entrance way.

As copper doors can be customized to just the style and look desired, they are an ideal option for custom built homes as well as for remodels. They are also a perfect way to upgrade an entrance. In addition, have the unique ability to continually change slightly in color and look as they age and become coated with a patina which creates more distinction as years pass.

A Traditional Material

While it may seem surprising, copper doors have been used throughout history in many different types of buildings. Some of the earliest uses of copper doors are found in ancient Egypt on temples. They are also found on historic cathedrals in what is now Germany dating back to 800 A.D.

Although originally used more for their durability and weather resistance, it wasn’t long until early craftsmen began to use copper to create beautiful patterns in the metal to add to the look of the building.

Properties of Copper Doors

Besides being very durable and strong, copper doors are corrosion resistant and, unlike some metals, will not rust or flake with exposure to sun, heat, wind, rain or humidity. In addition, and important to homeowners, is the natural ability of the copper clad exterior of the door to be virtually impenetrable by any type of bug or insect.

Yet another positive feature to consider with copper doors is their virtual maintenance free surface. They can be easily wiped with a cloth or hosed off to remove any dust or debris. There is never a need to paint, stain or refinish the door and they will never go out of style.

Customizing Benefits

Today copper doors are just as much a symbol of luxury as they were thousands of years ago. However, with new techniques for working the copper, it is possible for craftsmen to design any pattern you can imagine.

Not all companies offer customized copper doors, but they are a definite statement. With a range of different styles, sizes and customized designs to choose from, it is impossible not to find the perfect door for any home in this amazing material.


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