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One of the worst enemies of any roof is the weather and the weather in Winnetka can get pretty rough, especially when high winds hit the area. This is where quality roofing in Winnetka, IL, can be a real money saver. The typical roofing material is a three-tab asphalt shingle that only provides limited coverage. One of the weak spots in these products is the inability to withstand high winds or driving rain. In fact, given enough wind and rain, the shingles can tear away and expose the decking underneath. This can lead to some serious roofing problems if the repair isn’t handled properly and promptly. It is important to consider all angles when repairing or replacing roofing in Winnetka, IL, and this includes what to cover it with.

The most common option is the three-tab shingle, but other roofing products are available such as laminated shingles or composite shingles. The laminated shingle provides excellent coverage because it uses a second layer of asphalt on the backside. This makes the shingle more durable and a bit stiffer. Alternately, the composite shingle is made from two or more layers on the top of the shingle. The difference is a stronger product that offers unique angles and a thickness that makes the roof appear to be covered with slate or stone. The effect is quite well implemented. Another difference between the two products is that laminated shingles use a variety of shapes, so each sheet is a little different. While it is important to get the best materials possible, it is also crucial to consider all options of the roof repair and why the roof actually failed.

One possible problem may be trees by the home. Trees are a great way to provide shade, but a tree branch close to the home can invite a lot of problems. For example, the branch can drag across the roof during windy days and knock the roofing loose or worse, a tree may be dying near the building and dropping limbs and other debris on the roof. A little tree trimming can eliminate the cause of the problem, but it won’t fix the damage. For this, you will need an experienced roofing contractor.

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