Enjoy a Great Smile and Replace Missing Teeth With Tooth Implants in Kona

Obtaining a beautiful smile may not be that easy for everyone, but there are a variety of procedures a dentist such as Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. can perform for smile improvement. For instance, a dentist can clean the teeth and eliminate those unsightly stains. The whitening process uses a simple procedure that takes advantage of a chemical conversion. The dentist applies a solution of carbamide peroxide and coats it with a little water. Water causes the carbamide to convert to hydrogen peroxide, and this process whitens the teeth. However, certain improvements can require more invasive processes, such as Tooth Implants in Kona.

The implant process is actually a simple idea. It uses an inert material, typically titanium, to create an artificial root. Titanium is the material of choice because the bone tissue the stud gets inserted into adheres to the metal. In fact, titanium is known to improve bone health and reduce the amount of lost bone tissue that normally occurs with lost teeth.

There are two basic types of implanted anchors. The first is a large anchor commonly used for molars. The second is a thinner stud used for any smaller teeth. One concern with Tooth Implants in Kona is the current strength of the bone itself. A thin jawbone may not provide the support an imitation root requires. The dentist can get around this problem with grafts. Bone grafts are thin portions of bone tissue layered over the jaw and allowed to heal. This gives the jaw enough strength to properly secure the anchor.

Another use for implants is as an anchoring method for dental devices such as bridges and dentures. The current method for securing a bridge uses the surrounding teeth and a supporting plate. Unfortunately, this does not provide much stability, and complications can result from the filing required to shape the anchoring teeth. Filing removes enamel and exposes the dentin to decay. Using an implant can avoid these issues because the device can be secured to the stud.

The same is true for dentures, but dentures will require multiple studs-;typically four. Solid anchors can prevent these devices from slipping and this means that the patient is more likely to wear them. The proper use of dental devices can actually reduce bone loss and improve health. Learn more about smile improvement from the experts at carteryokoyamadds.com.

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