Emergency Vets Can Help Cure Your Pet

Your pet is a family member. What happens if one of your family members suddenly gets sick or has an accident? You take them to the doctor. If this happens after hours, what do you do? You take them to urgent care. The same goes for your pet. Accidents and illnesses are not restricted to normal business hours.

Emergency vets in Wicker Park allows pet owners the security of knowing that, should an emergency occur, your pet can be seen and treated – even in the evening hours and on Saturdays. Our facility is complete with a surgery suite, exam rooms and a dental suite. This means we can handle a variety of problems on-site.

If your beloved animal suddenly stops eating, or starts vomiting – call us. If the situation is more urgent, such as your pet collapsing or ceasing to breathe – bring the animal straight in. You do not have to have an appointment. We can assess the situation and start emergency care.

Accidents happen all of the time. Your pet may sustain an injury outdoors from broken glass, animal bites or even vehicles. It is comforting to know you can call or bring your pet to us for treatment – even in the evening hours. Stitches, x-rays, and even surgeries can be performed when other veterinarians have gone home for the day.

Some events are urgent even though there was no ‘accident’. Perhaps Fido decided to eat a plastic wrapper or a rubber ball. The ingested object can cause serious problems. We can remove the ingested object in our state-of-the-art surgical suite.

Hopefully you will never need the aide of emergency vets in Wicker Park, however, if you do, we are here. Contact us at Village West Veterinary or bring your pet straight to us in an emergency.

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