Elevate Celebrations and Meetings to the Top of the World in Chicago

The rooftop bar, club, and pool trend prove people crave more than street-level views during a suitable time. Chicago’s John Hancock Tower observation deck elevates your celebration and business events game. Its 94th-floor location grants access to one of the world’s highest views with possibilities for classy dining experiences.

Raise Celebrations and Meetings to New Heights

Rooftop settings intensify good vibes when people celebrate moments in their lives or just catch up with friends and family. If you’re lucky to live in Chicago or to visit, the John Hancock Tower observation deck takes gatherings to new heights. Corporate leaders or meeting planners will impress staff, partners, and potential clients with this location.

Unforgettable Romance

World-class cosmopolitan cities may not offer mountain views and cliff-side cabins, but sky-high rooftops make for truly romantic dates and nights. You will rev up the romance when you treat your significant other to delectable food, choice cocktails, and a spectacular skyline.

More for the Money

Most special attractions expect visitors to pay each time they enter, while most event centers only offer a food experience with space. The John Hancock Tower observation deck provides group packages and multi-day deals to give patrons more recreation for the money. With special event bookings, guests and celebrants have more to do than stand around making conversation or listening to music.

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