Elderly Companion Care Services are Appreciated by Disabled Clients and Their Families

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Home Health Care Service

Elderly companion care services help disabled, older individuals feel less isolated and provide light housekeeping tasks to keep the client’s home clean and orderly. Even if the client has family in the area, they may have limited times they can visit due to work, school, and their own obligations. Setting up a regular schedule with a home care companion gives the elderly client something to look forward to in the middle of an otherwise lonely day. A disabled elderly person may feel the world getting smaller and smaller as they can no longer get out and about independently, staying cooped up in the house or apartment most of the time.

Many disabilities can cause physical weakness and severe fatigue, even while the person retains full mental faculties. This can be very frustrating, as the individual may lose the ability to care for a home. A worker from an elderly companion care service can prepare a lunch and enjoy the midday meal with the client. They can also change bedding and wash linens, or dust and vacuum as needed. The kitchen can be cleaned, and hard floors that require attention can be mopped. A caregiver who provides these services is a welcome addition to any disabled person’s life.

The caregiver can also participate in activities the client enjoys, such as playing cards or board games; looking over the local newspaper together; and maybe even engaging in some common hobbies together. A caregiver who loves knitting can be matched with an elderly client who shares this hobby, creating a wonderful new friendship.

A caregiver from Capital City Nurses will be extraordinarily appreciated by family members. An adult son or daughter, for instance, may not want to waste valuable time with the parent doing laundry and cleaning. Instead, it may be more rewarding to go out for a long ride, stop at a favorite store or two, and have dinner at a nice restaurant. When they get back home, they know the place will be clean and tidy because the home care service provider has already completed those housekeeping projects.

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