Effective Remedies for Uneven Cooling By an AC in Sparks

If a multi-story home is suffering from uneven cooling, it can be a frustrating problem, but it’s not an uncommon one. When a person invests in an AC in Sparks, it is expected that the system will cool the entirety of the space without issues. However, as time passes, several factors in the home, including ductwork issues, dirty filters, and the age of the system, can reduce the ability of the AC system to cool all parts of the home evenly. The good news is that there are a few ways homeowners can help reduce the occurrence of uneven cooling in their homes.

Use the Vents to Redirect the Air

Take a look around the house to see if there are any dirty or blocked vents. The registers and vents can result in uneven cooling if they are blocked by furniture or something else. This may also occur if debris or dust builds up on them. A good way to reduce this issue is by vacuuming them regularly.

It is also possible to redirect the air to specific areas by closing some of the vents (but not all of them) on the first floor of the home. This will allow more air to go to the second floor and cool the space more evenly.

Switch the Fan from the Auto Setting to On

Take a look at the thermostat for the AC in Sparks. Can it be toggled from “auto” to “on” settings? There are some thermostats that have other settings, as well. If the home is not being cooled evenly, try to turn the unit to the “on” position instead of “auto.” When it is in the on position, the unit’s fan will continue to circulate the air even after the cooling cycle has ended. This will help to even the temperatures in the home.

When it comes to cooling a home, there are several factors that have to be considered. The good news is that there are a few steps homeowners can take to fix uneven cooling themselves. If none of these actions are effective, they should Contact us for help.

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