Effective Pest Control in Gig Harbor, Wa for Centipedes in the House

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Pest Control

Centipedes, both large and small, generate anxiety and loathing among most humans. Hardly anybody wants to see one of those many-legged creatures skittering along the floor, especially if that floor is located in the person’s home. These bugs can be difficult to eradicate since they are so reclusive. People may only see them at night when flipping on a light switch and see a centipede scurrying from the hall floor into a closet. Services for Pest Control in Gig Harbor Wa can help customers dealing with this problem.

It’s possible to eliminate a centipede infestation with a product commonly called a bug bomb, but not everyone feels comfortable setting off a pesticide device in their house. In addition, there usually aren’t many centipedes in the infestation. It’s not like the situation with termites, hornets, or ants, where a population can quickly explode.

Services for Pest Control in Gig Harbor Wa recommend doing some intensive cleaning in the dark, hidden areas of the house, such as closet floors and basements. Clutter on those floors, such as linens or old magazines, give bugs a secure place to hide and reproduce. A damp basement is also a problem since the bugs like humidity. A dehumidifier may be helpful. Insecticide could be placed in dark, damp basement corners or in any cracks that have developed in the walls. This may be inadvisable if any pets in the house go in the basement, however.

Centipedes want to eat other bugs, such as silverfish and little spiders, so ridding the house of those critters can also eliminate centipedes that will go back outside in search of food. Technicians from an organization like Long Pest Control may set up sticky traps in strategic places in the house to catch all those unwanted visitors. The home’s residents will need to monitor the traps and throw them out after bugs have been captured. The technicians also will inspect windows, doors, and the foundation, looking for places centipedes could enter. New sealants around these home features may be called for. A floor drain in the basement can be covered with screen to keep access to the area minimal.

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