Effective Glen Burnie Animal Control Methods

Rats that enter a home may scare the owner of the property and pose a health risk to them and their family members. Rats transfer bacteria to items, which could cause food items and surfaces inside of a home to become contaminated. The follow steps can be completed to effectively eliminate rats in a humane manner. Once Glen Burnie Animal Control has been completed, some preventive measures can be taken to stop rats from entering a residence again.


     *     cages (that prevent rodents from exiting)

     *     cheese

     *     peanut butter

     *     crackers

     *     bread

     *     knife

     *     antibacterial soap

     *     water

     *     sponge

     *     citrus oil

     *     herbal oil

     *     cotton swabs

     *     cotton balls

Setting Up Cages And Lures

Cages need to be placed on top of flat surfaces where rats have been spotted. Humane cages will trap rats and prevent them from leaving one once they enter. After several rats have been captured, they can be released outdoors so that they are able to find a new area to live. Pieces of cheese or crackers and bread slices that have peanut butter spread across them will assist with attracting rats. Food can be placed in each cage so that rats will be tempted to enter.

Cleaning And Discouraging Rodents

Once rats have been eliminated, cleaning surfaces with antibacterial soap, water, and a sponge will disinfect areas where rats were previously located. Surfaces can be sprayed with citrus oil in order to provide each one with a fresh scent that rats are not fond of. Herbal oil can be applied to corners and along walls with a cotton swab. Herbal oil is an item that rats do not like. Cotton balls that are soaked in oil can be placed inside of cupboards, drawers, and cabinets to further keep the inside of a residence protected.

After measures have been taken, a pest control company can assist with spraying the outside and inside of a residence in order to provide a piece of property with continuous protection. Glen Burnie Animal Control services are described in detail when someone visits us for a website that is similar. Appointments can be set up online, and an exterminator will inspect and treat a piece of property in a prompt manner.

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