Dump Truck Body Manufacturers in Fresno CA Have Much to Offer

Do have a fleet of dump trucks to take care of? Even if you run a small company with only one truck, your dump is an important part of your business. When it is time to upgrade or make repairs, you need the expertise of specialists like dump truck body manufacturers in Fresno CA. Here is a look at some things they can do for you.

New Truck Purchases

If it is time for a new truck, you may have special needs for your dumps. A stock truck may not have the features you need so you should consider buying just the cab and chassis and taking it to dump truck body manufacturers in Fresno CA. They can give you exactly what you need with many custom options.


Do you have problems with your truck hydraulic system? Maybe the bed has rust or corrosion, or the end gate quit working. Truck body specialists have the right equipment and trained people to take care of your needs.

Special Needs

Do you need a customized truck bed? The best dump truck body manufacturers in Fresno CA can give you a dual-purpose truck. Maybe you have flatbed and dump truck needs. Flatbed dumps customized to your business can give you one truck for both functions.

Choosing the Right Company

When you choose a truck body specialist, experience in the business is one of the most important considerations. For instance, a company in business since the 1940s has many years of experience to draw upon, and it shows in the way they treat and take care of their customers.

A top manufacturer can service all your commercial truck body needs. They offer custom service bodies, end gates, and hook systems. You can depend on these professionals for high-quality materials and service.

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