Driveway Paving Creates Curb Appeal

A rough, gravel driveway with potholes and unevenness is not very impressive. But, dirt and gravel driveways are not easy to keep smooth and well-maintained. Rain and wind, as well as car and truck traffic, can wreak havoc on them. A one time, small investment in driveway paving can improve drivability and curb appeal. There are several materials used in the paving of driveways including everything from concrete to blacktop to stone driveways. The correct installation of any driveway makes a difference in the look and durability. Commercial Driveway Paving in Waterford CT is affordable and enhances any property.

Commercial Driveway Paving

Commercial driveways are especially important to complete correctly. These driveways give customers their first impression of a company. They also get heavy use and must be durable as well as attractive. Commercial driveways can have heavy equipment and trucks as well as cars using them every day. The wrong material or a material incorrectly installed will break down sooner than it should.

Commercial driveways can also last longer with services such as seal coating, crack filling, and resurface. One Commercial Driveway Paving in Waterford CT company can do everything connected to commercial driveways to keep them looking good. Sullivan Paving and equally dependable companies should be on every company’s contractor list. When a driveway begins to show wear, it should be repaired as soon as possible. If left to deteriorate, the driveway will soon need to be replaced at a big expense.

What Driveway Material Is Best?

Deciding between asphalt, concrete, and oil and stone chip for the driveway surface can be difficult. The paving company representative can help with this decision based on experience and the use the driveway gets.

When comparing asphalt or concrete, consider that asphalt is less expensive, less affected by frost heaves, environmentally sustainable, and reduces noise pollution better. A cold climate with challenging winter conditions can damage concrete. Because asphalt is more flexible, it can withstand the temperature changes better. Asphalt can also be layered and repaired easily, lengthening its usable lifespan.

Residential Driveways

Residential driveways can benefit from asphalt driveways because of its durability, functionality, and reasonable cost. Paving a home’s driveway can increase home value, eliminate dust and mud, and eliminate holes and ruts making a smoother surface to walk and drive on. Click Here for more driveway information.

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