Do’s and Don’ts of Shopping for a Car

A car is a pretty expensive buy. It’s an investment you’ll spend the next few years with so you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Here’s how:

Do: Factor in insurance. Before you shop for that Kia Sorento in Dennville NJ, make sure your budget can cover all your costs, including insurance. Forgetting about that could derail your budget and tie up a bigger portion of your monthly finances than you initially thought.

Don’t: Don’t shop with only one dealer. That’s going to limit your options pretty quickly. It also won’t give you the best deals out there. So always scout around before you buy.

Do: Do your homework. Know how much the buying rate is for the make and model you want. Figuring that out lets you know how much more you can bargain for.

Don’t: Some dealers might ask you about your monthly desired payment and give you a price you can’t refuse. Only to have them make up for it with high interest fees or other charges. So don’t only focus on the monthly payments. Make sure you ask about any other expenses too.

Do: Consider new features, says Consumer Reports. While buying a used car certainly comes with advantages—mainly, tremendous cost-savings—going for a new ride can net you a lot of perks as well. One of these is getting the latest in safety features. So the newer your car is, the safer and more reliable it’s safety features are.

Don’t: Never buy the deal instead of the car. Some buyers go for the deal when they hear 0 percent financing. But if it’s not the car you had in mind or one that suits you, best to say goodbye to that offer instead.

With these tips, you have a good idea where to start when you go shopping for a car.

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