Dos and Don’ts of Landscape Lighting for Water Features

Does your garden feature a lovely little pond, stream, or waterfall? Want to light up your pool for a party? Whatever the case may be, there are many ways to use landscape lighting in Victoria, BC, for your water feature. But there are some things you should know before you start decorating.

Water Feature Lighting Dos

Do use landscape lighting that was specifically made to be submerged if you want the water itself to be lit. Be sure you are using waterproof lighting fixtures in any place where they may be splashed as well, such as by a waterfall. If you are using underwater lighting, it is better to choose higher quality lighting fixtures to prevent water from seeping into the fixture and becoming a hazard.

Do keep the lighting focused on the key features of your garden, rather than flooding the whole place. If you have beautiful trees, prize roses, a waterfall, or some other key feature that you want to highlight, keep the light focused there. And if the key feature is either a footbridge, or a tall item, light it from below, never above. This ensures that you see a cozy glow, not stark shadows.

Water Feature Lighting Don’ts

There are two big don’ts when it comes to using landscape lighting in Victoria, BC, with water features.

First, don’t ever submerge fixtures that aren’t waterproof, or that weren’t designed to be used in the water. This will ruin the light, and can also cause a safety hazard. If you don’t want to use water-safe lighting, keep the lights well away from any splashing, and try soft directional lights instead.

Second, never use pathway lights to light up the perimeter of a pond or water feature. This type of display creates a lot of glare off the water, which isn’t very attractive, and you often see that these types of lights aren’t meant to be used close to water.

Bonus Tip

One bonus tip for using landscape lighting with water features: Don’t submerge lights in water if it isn’t crystal clear. Lighting murky water will only make the fact that it is so murky and unclear even easier to see. Try focusing the lighting on surrounding plants instead.

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