Don’t Let These Myths Stop You from Pursuing Assisted Living for Your Loved One

The decision to place an elderly relative in assisted living can be a difficult one. What often makes this task even more difficult to accomplish is the fact many seniors face this transition with trepidation and even outright refusal. There are certain preconceived notions about senior living facilities and the changes they bring to your loved one’s life. Whether you’re trying to move your relative into senior living facilities or are facing moving into one yourself, the below information represents the truth about senior living facilities in Melbourne, FL.

Assisted Living Is Synonymous with Institutionalization

The reality of senior living facilities in Melbourne, FL, is much different from any form of institutionalization. In other words, you won’t be shipping your loved one off to an environment similar to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The average senior living facilities are quite vibrant, with lots of spaces for their elderly relatives to sit and chat with one another, indulge in favorite hobbies and simply pass time however they choose. Your loved ones can still enjoy what makes them happy, just in a different environment.

Senior Living Doesn’t Offer Good Meals

Again, this is far from the case for most senior living facilities. In actuality, most facilities employ skilled cooks and nutritionists who work together to plan meals that meet your senior loved one’s nutritional needs. Many residents remark how great their meals are. If you still find yourself feeling concerned about this matter, you can request a sample menu to see what kinds of meals your loved one might eat from day to day.

Residents of Senior Living Are Denied Privacy and Independence

Residing in senior living facilities in Melbourne, FL, isn’t much different from having one’s own apartment. Yes, there is staff on hand to tend to their health and keep their apartment clean, but they are still allotted plenty of free, independent time to enjoy their lives how they want to.

If you have any more questions about senior living facilities in Melbourne, FL, get in touch by calling 888-274-0457 or paying a visit to their website.

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