Don’t Let the Majestic Beauty Fool You: Seek Professional Geese Removal in Columbus, OH

Geese are beautiful, majestic creatures. Those motley brown and beige feathers on their plump bodies give way to long, stark black, graceful necks with slightly amusing white chinstraps. All these features are held up on land by their impressive webbed feet and in the air by their stunning six-foot wingspans. Their signature V-shaped flight patterns are among the many mysterious wonders of nature.

With all that candy-coated optimism out of the way, it’s time to look at the other side of the story. Geese are giant birds. Regardless of the tender, loving care, you put into your Kentucky blue grass; they’ll gnaw through your lawn like it’s their own personal all-you-can-eat buffet. Your immaculately-maintained swimming pool is there to serve their drinking and bathing purposes. Don’t go outside barefoot, and cover your vehicles as, again, they’re giant birds. With that enormous bird-hood comes a massive scattering of what all birds are famous for.

Geese Removal in Columbus OH tends to be a delicate matter. Sure, you can run off goats by yelling and frantically flailing your arms, but this doesn’t exactly work on geese. They’ll simply honk and wave their wings back at you. If you catch them in the wrong mood, they’ll chase you back inside and strut back to feast on your yard with a self-satisfied smirk on their beaks.

For some, the most obvious answer would be to go on a goose shooting spree. Of course, there are a couple problems with this solution. For one, no matter how many you nab, more will follow. Secondly, it’s illegal unless you do so on a designated goose hunting day, or you happen to hold an official license for this purpose. Even then, there’s a limit to how many you can kill.

In truth, Geese Removal in Columbus OH takes a level of knowledge, cunning, patience, and legal licensure only a select handful of people actually possess. It’s a matter most safely and effectively handled by a professional, someone who knows how to remove and relocate them as well as discourage more from moving onto your property. Don’t let them have your car and your pool and don’t go to jail for shooting them or be committed to an asylum for acting irrationally in front of the neighbors in your efforts to reclaim your property. Get more information on the right way to get the geese to go elsewhere.

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