Doing Business With A Bail Bondsman In Upper Marlboro, MD

Negotiating bail for a loved one is confusing for most consumers. Moreover, it’s frightening to know someone is behind bars and depending on you. It’s important to learn about the system before talking to a bail bondsman in Upper Marlboro MD. Start by calling the local sheriff and ask for recommendations.

What Is Bail?

Bail is a sum of money that must be paid to the court to get the accused out of jail temporarily. The bail amount is pre-set for minor crimes in most jurisdictions. Consumers use a bonding company when they cannot pay the full bail amount. A contract is signed, for the accused, with the bonding company. The company agrees to accept a percentage of the bond to have the accused released. Basically, the company is paid to stand for the entire bail amount. In most places, the percentage is 10 to 15 percent.

This money is not refundable. It’s the cost of doing business with the bonding company. For example, a defendant with a $10,000 bond needs someone to pay $1,000. If the defendant flees, the company is out of $9,000. Further, consumers can put up property for the bond. The property must have equity equal to or greater than the bail amount. Unfortunately, the property can be taken if the accused flees the jurisdiction.

Finding A Bondsman

Ask the sheriff or your attorney for recommendations. A reputable Bail Bondsman in Upper Marlboro MD will be licensed and insured. Verify the information with the State Department of Insurance. Indeed, the bail bond business is regulated strictly. It’s also helpful to select a bondsman that is well known in the community. It takes a while to get defendants out of jail after paying the bond. However, someone familiar with the system knows how to speed up the process.

Going To Court

Some inmates must go to court before a bond is set. These individuals are charged with serious felonies. The judge wants to inquire about the defendant’s criminal record and the details of the crime. The defendant will likely get a bond but it will be higher than expected. Browse our website to learn more about the bonding company.

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