Does Your Design Need A Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack?

With innovative new products on the market, older styles of everything from components to battery packs need to be redesigned. This is often the case as consumer demand smaller and more streamlined components and devices that require a restyling and redesign of batteries.

To find the right company to partner with to design a custom lithium ion battery pack, it is critical to consider your options. While prototype development and design costs will be a factor, so will the ability of the company to transition to full-scale production.

Advantages to Li-Ion Batteries

One of the reasons that OEM and prototype companies are using the custom lithium ion battery pack is because of the benefits in this type of battery. This is a high-energy density battery which means there is a lot more energy storage possible in a much smaller battery pack.

Along with the smaller size requirements per individual battery, these are also a type of battery that has a very long life for multiple recharges without losing the charge capacity. They are also known to have a very low continual discharge rate, which means that the battery stays charged longer even when not in use.

Additionally, with any custom lithium ion battery pack, there is no concern with battery memory effect. This can occur with other rechargeables and requires the full discharge of the battery to prevent limiting the ability to charge. The design of the Li-ion battery means this is not an issue, allowing the device to be charged at any point in the discharge cycle without battery pack damage.

The batteries themselves are a benefit for many devices. The variety of pack options from soft packs to hard cases also make these a consideration for all types of devices used in virtually any type of environment.

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