Do You Need to See a Foot And Ankle Surgeon in Racine, WI?

Our feet and ankles do a tremendous job at keeping us upright, balanced, and moving around from place to place. The bio-mechanics of these areas of our bodies are truly astounding and yet it is a part of our bodies that we tend to neglect when it comes to our health.

Are You Suffering Pain and Discomfort?

Did you know that foot and ankle conditions can cause pain in others areas of the body, including the knees, hips, and back? The Family Foot & Ankle Clinics of Wisconsin LLC will tell you that if there are health problems in the feet and ankles, other parts of the body tend to compensate for them. This compensation causes aches, pains, and discomfort in those other areas too. In these cases, one may need to book an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon.

Everyone Has an Achilles

The Achilles tendon is not only the largest tendon in the human body but it is also one of the hardest working. It is a thick tendon that is prone to injury, inflammation, and other injury. In fact, athletes and other sports people are especially prone to Achilles problems, such as rupturing. This can cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

A foot and ankle surgeon in Racine, WI will evaluate cases such as this and do his or her best to come up with an effective treatment that is minimally invasive. Such is the nature of the ankle and the foot that a minimally-invasive treatment plan is often the wisest choice.

It is also not uncommon for older people to suffer from ankle arthritis. Given the delicate nature of this area of the body, this can have a significant impact on a person’s life. Seeing a foot and ankle surgeon for a full diagnosis and treatment plan is the best idea.

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