Do You Need an Orthodontist in Cabot AR?

Did you recently find out that your child will need braces? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted straight teeth, but don’t want to be an adult with those metal braces teenagers wear? Some people don’t realize that the ADA recommends that every child see an orthodontist at age 7. A Cabot AR orthodontist can look at the jaw and teeth and determine whether or not braces are right for you or your family.

First Orthodontic Appointment

At age 7, it is possible to see how the teeth and jaw are developing. Your orthodontist can give you an idea of what your child may need in terms of braces. They will not recommend that your child actually have braces until they are a bit older, however, and the jaw has fully developed and the adult teeth have all grown in.

Getting an appointment for your child is important, and not just for cosmetic reasons. If you have crooked teeth they can cause serious health problems later in life. The way your teeth line up can have an effect on how you hold your jaw and can be the cause of poor oral hygiene and bone structure problems. Be sure to visit an orthodontist in Cabot AR with your child if you haven’t done so already. The sooner an orthodontist can see a child, the better they’ll be able to prevent or adjust misaligned teeth.

Types of Braces

An orthodontist can tell you what types of braces will work best for you or your child, but it’s good to understand your options even before you go to see the orthodontist. The traditional metal braces are not the only option these days. Of course, the history of success with metal braces is long and dependable. If your orthodontist believes that you need metal braces, that is probably the best option.

Another type of braces that may be an option are Incognito ™ braces. These are not that different from traditional braces, but the brackets are on the backs of the teeth, making them much less visible.

Invisilign braces are a third option, and they are also meant to be less obvious than traditional braces. Instead of brackets on the teeth, a type of very thin mouth guard is made of clear acrylic. They are smooth and can be worn all the time, but they can also be taken out for eating and brushing teeth.

If you are an adult in search of an alternative to traditional braces, ask your Cabot AR orthodontist about these other options.

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