Do You Have Radon in Your Home?

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Business

What is radon gas?

It’s an odorless and invisible type of radioactive gas. It’s typically located deep in the soil and is produced by the decay of uranium in the soil, water, and rocks.

Why does it matter?

High concentrations of radon in the ground could lead to health risks and increase your chances of getting lung cancer. In fact, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, second to smoking, according to the Cancer Org.

If you usually suffer from shortness of breath or headaches at home, those signs might point to a high level of radon in your home. If you want to keep everybody safe, you will need to invest in a good radon mitigation system. First, you’ll need to find a professional to carry out radon testing in your home or commercial property.

What is radon testing?

This process is done to determine the levels of radon present in the property. If your readings are well above the acceptable range, then a mitigation system should be installed right away. However, in case your radon is still within acceptable levels, while there’s no immediate need to install the system, doing so is an effective way to reduce the radon in your environment and decrease any health and safety risks that come along with it.

Why test your home?

Radon levels differ in every home. No two homes have the same readings, so it’s best to ask the assistance of a pro to perform a radon testing and design the mitigation system that’s ideal for your property, according to the Home Advisor. Proper testing can locate the source of the radon as well as effectively reduce radon levels in your property.

So be sure to call in experts for the mitigation system installation.

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