Do Jacksonville Parents With 50/50 Custody Still Pay Child Support?

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Lawyer

Many Jacksonville parents are confused about timesharing, which is also known as 50/50 custody. Some assume that, because they timeshare, they won’t have to pay support, but that’s not always true. A divorce lawyer in Jacksonville can review the case and ensure that you’re paying or receiving the right amount of support.

How Child Support is Calculated

In Florida, both parents must financially support their children, with the amount being determined by the state’s guidelines. Florida uses the income shares model, with parents’ income being offset by health insurance premiums, school tuition, daycare costs, and timesharing. Even if parents share custody, one may be required to pay child support. These payments are to be used to cover food, rent, clothing, and other daily expenses.

Can an Attorney Help Parents Reduce Their Support Obligations?

In timesharing plans, it’s possible—but rare—to pay no support. For it to happen, parents must share custody equally, have equal resources, and make the same income. In most instances, the parent who makes more money will be required to pay child support to the other parent. A divorce lawyer in Jacksonville can help you determine if child support should be decreased, increased, or left the same.

Talk to a Local Family Lawyer for Divorce and Child Support Advice

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