Do Divorce Attorneys Make a Difference in the Outcome of a Divorce?

If a couple doesn’t have any assets or children, a divorce is going to be pretty simple. They’ll simply sign the paperwork and walk away. This situation is extremely rare and, in most cases, the couple will need to go over all of the assets and determine who will have custody of the children involved. Although it is possible to conclude these divorces without a lawyer, it’s usually not a good idea. Most of the time, one spouse will hire an attorney to help them. This means the other spouse may want to strongly consider hiring their own lawyer.

When one person has a lawyer and the other one doesn’t, the lawyer can use their legal knowledge to help their client get more out of the divorce. This could, unfortunately, leave the other spouse getting nothing from the divorce. If there are children involved, it may mean they don’t get partial custody of the children and may not get an adequate visitation schedule. Most people who neglect to hire a lawyer end up regretting it and might have to hire a lawyer later to go back and fight the results of child custody, visitation, and support.

Fighting the decisions of the divorce after the fact can be extremely difficult. Divorce attorneys recommend each person hire a lawyer at the beginning of the divorce. The lawyer will stand up for their client’s rights and negotiate a settlement that’s fair for both spouses, not just the one who has a lawyer. This means the person in the above situation will be able to get the custody, visitation, and support that’s fairer and won’t have to spend even more time and money fighting it after it has been settled and the divorce is finalized.

Divorce attorneys can be an essential part of the divorce process. Neither person is going to want to be blindsided and left scrambling to get their half of the assets and what they want for custody of the children. To have a better chance at a fair outcome for the divorce, they’re going to want to hire an attorney from the start. For more information about this or for any questions about the divorce process, contact the W. Ware Morrison Law Group today.

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