Divorce Mediation: 5 Reasons Why You Should be Considering it

Today, divorcing couples are more informed as awareness about the benefits of mediation raises curiosity and how it can work in their situations. If you are thinking about mediation, here are five reasons why you should be considering this process over the traditional divorce process.

Mediation is Voluntary

Both parties have to agree to participate actively in the process and continue it. If one party feels that it is not working for him or her, they are free to abandon it.

Less Costly

Divorce mediation in Miami, Fl is less costly than starting a lawsuit against the opposing party. Florida parties in the process are only paying one professional – the mediator for divorce – instead of hiring two separate attorneys.

Faster Resolution

This is because both of you are not waiting for separate sessions and meetings with your individual lawyers, who then have to schedule time for talking to each other – on billable time. According to Statistics, you need to prepare yourself to invest a substantial time before the divorce is finalized the traditional way. Couples going through the mediated process choose their own schedule for sessions and their frequency.

A Constructive and Helpful Process

If you have children, even after the divorce you will need to have an ongoing, long-term relation with the other party. During mediation, you learn how to communicate with each other. This improved communication spills over to your relationship with your children.

A Creative Process

Divorce mediation in Miami, Fl is a problem-solving process. Parties eventually learn to be comfortable with it and realize that it is there to help them discuss important issues as they move forward. The mediator’s role is to ensure that this happens as well as help you look at things from a different angle.

Mediation is meant to help couples apply what they deem as “fair” for the relationship and children. The couple learns to create solutions for their own unique situation. As a neutral party, the mediating lawyer fosters creativity and understanding problem-solving without taking one side or the other. To know more, please visit the website.

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