Discovering Exciting Options for a New Roof Installation in Clarksville, MD

When it’s time to contact a contractor for a new roof, homeowners might be surprised with the number of roofing choices now available. In the Clarksdale area, traditional, three-tab shingles are still commonly used, but it’s important to explore the other options available too. Since a new roof represents a sizable investment, it always pays to understand the pros and cons of different roofing products.

Three-Tab Shingles: The Basic Option

in a large percentage of cases, homes currently have traditional, three-tab shingles installed. In the past, three-tab shingles constructed using asphalt or fiberglass were the materials of choice. The shingles were relatively inexpensive and easy to install during a New Roof Installation in Clarksville MD. While the color options tended to be somewhat limited, homeowners could generally find something close to the color they really wanted.

However, there are downsides to three-tab shingles. Arguably the most important consideration is their lifespan. Three-tab shingles generally lasted 15-20 years, which isn’t bad. Now, homeowners want more. Because they’re not as durable as some modern options, three-tab shingles also tend to need more care over the years and are more likely to suffer weather-related damage.

Moving Up: Considering Architectural Shingles

In the last few years, a new option has been eclipsing traditional, three-tab shingles. Architectural shingles are generally constructed to look better and stand up to adverse weather conditions. When comparing the two options, look carefully at the thickness of each. Architectural shingles use multiple plies, which makes them more able to withstand strong winds and hail without suffering serious damage.

Architectural shingles also add texture and depth to the look of a roof. That type of look is, as a rule, more appealing than three-tab shingles. Of course, the shingles are available in several colors intended to match the decor options today’s homeowners demand. If you’re considering a New Roof Installation in Clarksville MD, ask the contractor about the advantages of architectural shingles.

Taking Care of Details

In most areas, permits are required when replacing a roof. The area’s top contractors all take care of permit issues and homeowners association regulations when replacing a roof. Click Here if you’ve got any questions about roofing choices in the Clarksville area or would an estimate for a new roof.

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