Direct Mail Campaigns: How the Team at a Print Shop in NYC, NY Can Help

On the surface, a direct mail campaign seems straightforward. All it takes is creating a cover letter, choosing a brochure, addressing and stuffing the envelopes, and making sure the postage amount is correct. While it’s possible to handle all those tasks using office time and resources, why not involve a Print shop in NYC NY in the process? Here are some of the ways a professional at the shop can help.

Choosing the Right Paper

The goal of any direct mail campaign is to make a positive impression on recipients and motivate them to make contact and, possibly, buy a product. That impression is enhanced if all the mailing pieces are prepared using the right weight of paper. What works fine for copying an interoffice memo is not suitable for this type of project. A professional from the Print shop in NYC NY can recommend the right weight for everything from the envelopes to the letterhead used for the cover letter and the brochures.

Professional Printing

For some print jobs, using a laser jet printer in the office is fine. A direct mail campaign calls for professional printing that ensures brilliant colors and complete clarity in terms of the font selection. A pro can help the customer understand that while a certain font and size may look pretty, it’s difficult for recipients to read. With a little support, it’ll be easier to choose the ideal font, use the right sizes and colors, and ensure the finished piece is something the recipient does take the time to read.

Getting Those Pieces in the Mail Quickly

Many print shops have the resources needed to manage the address labeling and even applying the postage. For a reasonable fee, a team will take care of those details and even make use of a bulk mail rate that keeps the overall cost in check. A professional from the print shop will also make sure all those direct mail pieces are handed over to the post office without delay.

If the plan is to launch a new direct mail campaign, talk with the team at Printing Express today. No detail will be overlooked, and the finished product will be something the business owner will be proud to share with prospective customers.

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