Different types of electric hand dryers

Commercial electric hand dryers are used in most commercial establishments because they are a cost effective and energy efficient solution to hand drying. Other than for the initial purchase cost and installation expense, electric hand dryers are far less expensive than paper towels, it has been estimated the difference in supply cost is about 85 percent electricity cost vs. paper towel purchases. There are a number of variations of these dryers including a push button style, automatic operation and quick dry versions.

The least expensive electric hand dryers are operated with a push button. Although they are the least expensive they lose nothing in efficiency. These dryers work on standard 120 volt single phase power and cost very little to operate. This style hand dryer normally can dry your hands in about 45 seconds and as most are designed to run for about 80 seconds, they can dry the hands thoroughly without cutting out. This style hand dryer can be equipped with a nozzle that rotates which means it can also be used to dry ones face and hair, they are also available in a space saving design which allows them to be installed in a recess.

To eliminate the need to re-engage the dryer in the event it goes off before your hands are dry, automatic models are becoming quite popular. Automatic electric hand dryers do not shut off on a timer system, they stay on until a sensor detects that your hands are no longer under the dryer. The moment the sensor detects that your hands have been removed, it shuts off automatically. As the push button units, the automatic version also operates on 120 volt single phase power and due to the fact that it only runs when necessary is somewhat more efficient.

People are pleased when they see an electric hand dryer in the bathroom but there is a common complaint; the time it takes to dry the hands. Although 45 seconds is not a lot of time the manufacturers have developed quick dry versions. These models use considerably less energy because the drying process takes little more than 10 to 15 seconds, the power savings are as much as 80 percent. These units use 240 volt power so it may be more costly to install them.

Electric hand dryers are available in chrome, stainless steel or white epoxy finishes, this variety allows them to be matched with the décor of the bathroom. These hand dryers are also available in quiet-run models for use in areas where noise is a problem.

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