Different Sunroom Options

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

The addition of a sunroom on your home is an ideal way to add useable space that acts as a buffer between the outside and the inside of the house. There are four basic sunrooms in San Antonio that you can choose from, even though the design concepts of any can vary considerably. The types are screened patio, solarium; seasonal sunroom and modified. The design you opt for will depend very much on the climate, the style you favor and of course, the cost.

The most basic sunrooms in san Antonio are screened in patios; they are also the least expensive. Screen panels are relatively easy to damage, the saving grace is they are inexpensive to replace. If your desire is to create a space which is open to the elements but provides a barrier to insects then a screen patio may suit you well, however, if you are looking for a space that can be used in all weather and all seasons then a screen patio will not provide you with what you want.

Perhaps solariums are the ultimate in sunrooms in San Antonio, they are usable all year long and they can be constructed in hundreds of different variations. A solarium has insulated glass walls and ceiling and depending on the weather, they can be heated or cooled. As they are walled with glass on at least three sides, four if they are free standing, the views are unimpeded. The size of the solarium is not limited; the height of the glass is either floor to ceiling or at least from knee height to the ceiling. Without a doubt, solarium sunrooms in san Antonio are the fanciest available, however, they are also the most expensive to construct.

There are less expensive versions of a solarium, these sunrooms are designed to be used when the weather conditions are favorable; they do not have as much glass nor are they heated or cooled. Even though they cannot be used every day they are very popular. This type of sunroom is more costly than a simple screened patio but considerably less costly than a full blown solarium.

When deciding on the type of sunroom you want you must take all these factors into account. Start with knowing in advance what you will be using it for and at what time of the year. Pay particular attention to the style of your home and your budget.

Sunrooms in San Antonio make a wonderful addition to any home, with a sunroom you get the best of both worlds; inside and outside. To discuss the best options for you are invited to call upon Shaw Company Remodeling or for more information go to shawcoremodeling.com.

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