Different Kinds of Fire Alarms in Jersey City

by | Apr 14, 2017 | Security System Supplier

Every home and business need to have a robust fire detection plan. The plan starts with smoke detectors and fire detectors. There are also alarms and even fire suppression tactics. You need to have fire extinguishers in your home as well as your business. In business, these fire extinguishers need to be readily accessible in every room. Such a setup is ideal for a home as well, but they should be in at least the most fire-prone areas. You should have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, near any barbecue or grill, and anywhere else you think there might be a fire.

Connected Alarms

Fire alarms can either be connected to a network or not at all. A connected alarm is one that will notify the proper authorities after the alarm has been triggered. Typically this means it will notify whoever holds the contract for your alarms. This company will then attempt to get in touch with you. If they cannot contact you or if you do confirm the presence of a fire, they’ll notify the fire department.

You can click here to see the different types of alarms that are available. Networked alarms are very popular, especially with businesses.

Fire Detection

Fire alarms in Jersey City are great for alerting everyone to the presence of a fire. However, you need to have a fire detection system before it ever gets to that point. The fire detection system is a multi-part system for determining if a fire has been started.

Smoke detectors use chemicals that react to the presence of smoke. They’ll often be the early warning system for a fire. Heat detectors are also very useful. They react to temperatures that are over a safe level. They can be linked to fire alarms and are sometimes how the alarm is triggered.

You need to make sure you are taking all the appropriate steps to avoid a fire and prevent such damage. Click here for more information.

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