Deterring Wildlife When Waiting For Garbage Pickup in New Braunfels TX

Placing garbage cans out by the curbside can be risky when someone lives in an area where wildlife is present. Often wild animals will be drawn to garbage cans due to the smells being emitted from inside. To help keep cans from being knocked over, several steps can be taken to try to keep animals away from the cans altogether.

When cans are waiting for the next Garbage Pickup in New Braunfels TX, they can be kept in an enclosure like a garage or shed rather than out in the open where they could attract pests. They can be taken out to the curb on the day the service is supposed to arrive. Special locking garbage can carts will help keep the cans from being knocked over by larger animals. These can be unlocked and left by the curbside for the collection service to access.

Placing deterrants by the cans is a good idea to keep animals away from the area. Mice and other rodents will stay away from areas where they feel vulnerable from predators. Place an owl decoy near the cans to keep these small pests away. Larger animals will be frightened of movement, lighting, or sound. Please motion-activated lighting near the cans to scare them away if they get too close. A small radio can be placed near the cans to make animals think humans are nearby.

Put some bricks or cinder blocks on the tops of the garbage cans to keep animals from knocking the lids off the enclosures. Bungee cords or straps can be woven through the handles to help keep a lid on the can snugly.

Spray down each garbage bag with ammonia or vinegar before placing it in a garbage can. Many animals find these smells offensive, making the cans less attractive as a result. Double bag all trash to help minimize the amount of odor an animal will smell.

People needing further instruction on how to keep wildlife from knocking down garbage cans can take visit to a waste collection service’s web page. A page like is a good start to obtain information about Garbage Pickup in New Braunfels TX.

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