Details About Trucking Accidents In Upper Marlboro

In Maryland, trucking accidents increase the rate of serious injuries due to the impact of the commercial vehicle. The driver is required by federal law to follow all safety regulations and meet the requirements of the Department of Transportation. A local attorney could assist victims who are injured in Trucking Accidents in Upper Marlboro.

Reviewing Federal Motor Carrier Administration Safety Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration issues strict regulations associated with commercial drivers. According to the regulations, the commercial drivers are required to take an eight-hour resting period after each twelve to fourteen-hour driving shift. The purpose of the regulation is to lower the frequency of accidents due to exhausted driving.

Assessing the Commercial Driver

The commercial driver is required to submit to a drug and alcohol screening after any work-related accident. The presence of drugs or alcohol in the driver’s system makes them guilty of a DUI. Under the circumstances, the driver is at fault and not the trucking company. However, if the driver wasn’t impaired, the legal claim is filed against the trucking company.

Did Other Factors Play a Role in the Accident?

Road conditions and the actions of other drivers involved in the accident could contribute to the cause of the accident. When investigating the accident, law enforcement officers evaluate all angles. The truck is inspected for issues such as uneven weights, faulty equipment, and a failure to maintain the vehicle according to regulations.

Collecting Compensation for Accident Injuries

The victim of the accident receives compensation through an insurance settlement typically. However, if the trucking company doesn’t provide compensation, the victim has the right to file a lawsuit. The outcome of the lawsuit could provide the victim with payment for all their medical requirements and recovery of any lost wages.

In Maryland, trucking accidents are often caused by exhausted driving, the use of controlled substances, and careless actions of drivers. Unfortunately, some trucking companies try to avoid a settlement by using loopholes in their insurance policies. A local attorney can help victims who are injured in the accidents. Victims of Trucking Accidents in Upper Marlboro are encouraged to contact Jaklitsch Law Group right now.

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