Designing a Dream With Custom Homes in Shepherdstown, WV

After finding the perfect location the only thing left is to build a dream house. Purchasing an existing home is faster and easier than designing a new home, but there is no comparison to having a house that is brand new and has every feature the owner desires. In addition, homeowners that work directly with their builders will have a quality home with none of the hidden nasty surprises that sometimes arise when an older home is purchased. They have input on everything that goes into the home, so they can have a place that fits them perfectly immediately.

The benefits of Custom Homes in Shepherdstown WV are almost endless. All appliances, plumbing, and wiring are the most modern and meet the most recent building codes. All flooring, walls, and HVAC systems are clean. This is very important for families with allergy issues because the risk of pet dander circulating through the air is eliminated. Since everything is fresh and new, the owners can immediately move in and begin living. Existing homes, even those in excellent condition, almost always require painting or flooring or even more extensive remodeling to make them appealing to the new owner. The homes usually come with a warranty so, if any problem does appear, the owner can contact the builder for assistance.

Contractors that offer Custom Homes in Shepherdstown WV also offer custom additions as well. This is a great solution for first-time homeowners. They can design a smaller, more affordable home to live in for a few years. When they outgrow their custom home, they do not have to move to get the space they need. Instead, they can hire the same builders that designed and constructed their home to complete their addition. This will make certain the additional rooms match the quality of the original home and blend seamlessly with its design. Of course, custom additions are beautiful with many styles of homes and do not need to only be added to a home the builder designed. Contact us to learn more about the value custom homes offer, to see the designs that are possible, and how to get started on planning a new home.

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