Design Your Own Diamond Jewelry In Auburn, MA To Create An Unforgettable Gift For A Very Special Occasion

Special occasions call for special gifts, and you can’t get more special than Diamond Jewelry in Auburn MA. To make the gift even more treasured, select the diamonds and the setting. Best of all, design your own piece.

That probably sounds very difficult to accomplish. It could be, but with the help of a great jeweler and custom design software, it’s possible to create different design options and see just what the finished piece will look like. Imagine how treasured she will feel when she realizes that you took the time to create a one-of-a-kind original just for her. Add the perfect finale to a proposal with an engagement ring like no other on earth. Join forces with siblings to create a present for Mom that she will never forget. Celebrate an anniversary with a gift that says, “I love you.”

Select a Diamond

Of course, the heart of any piece of jewelry is the stone. Even an amateur can choose the perfect stone with the Online Diamond Search Engine. There are over 100,000 loose diamonds in stock, which undoubtedly sounds intimidating. How can anyone choose from such an overwhelming quantity?

Actually, it’s pretty easy. Input your specifications for shape, price, karat weight, color, clarity and cut grade, hit “search” and a picture of the diamond will appear with more information about that stone. Play with it, trying different shapes, etc. It’s fun to investigate the possibilities.

Design a Setting

Now it’s time to pay a visit to the jeweler for suggestions and assistance. You now have a good idea of the type of stone that you’re considering. With an expert to help, you can start working on the final design. When completed, it will be unique and sure to become a family heirloom.

Add a Forever Rose to Complete the Gift

The Forever Rose is actually a Birthstone Rose, a real rose lacquered and trimmed with 24 karat gold that will last forever. They are available in a different color for every month. While these are intended for birthdays, they can also be used to celebrate an anniversary, an engagement, a wedding or any other special occasion.

Cormier Jewelers is the place to go for Diamond Jewelry in Auburn MA, whether you want to design your own or choose from their wide selection. Visit their website to try out their Online Diamond Search Engine. You’ll both be glad you did.

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