Design Options for Breast Cancer Bras

Undergoing a mastectomy can ignite feelings of relief and hope in that it can drastically decrease your chances of the recurrence of breast cancer. However, it also results in the loss of the breast or breasts that have given you your unique female identity, which can be difficult to cope with to say the least. Breast cancer bras are designed to support comfortable the breast prostheses of women who have had mastectomies.

Breast Prostheses
Wearing breast prostheses offers the benefit of enabling you to wear the same clothing you wore before your mastectomy. A breast prosthesis also is a wise choice if you desire to look symmetrical. These breast forms also offer the advantages of giving you warmth, helping to balance your posture and protecting your scars and chest. A prosthesis keeps a bra from riding up or shifting as well. You can also avoid problems involving shoulder drop, the curvature of the spine and muscular pain in your back and neck when you choose to get a breast prosthesis.

Breast Cancer Bras
These bras, also known as mastectomy bras, are bras that are specially designed to hold breast prostheses. Several attractive bras come in various colors and designs to suit your personal style. Trulife is one popular brand of these bras; other options include the Trulife 4010 Seamless Lace Microfiber Softcup Mastectomy Bra, which is available in white and nude. This particular bra features silky, soft, lace microfiber and a seamless design that provides for a flawless look and smooth profile. Because it is elastic both underarm and at the neckline, you can depend on this bra for a secure fit and superior comfort.

Additional Options
Another in-demand bra brand is LuisaLuisa Bras. One bra that may come in handy in a wide range of situations is the LuisaLuisa Leisure and Sports Bra, which is available in red, white and black. This pocketed lace bra features 100 percent nylon stretch lace. With the right provider of today’s leading breast cancer bra brands, you can easily find bras that will keep you feeling and looking attractive after your surgery.

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