Dental Crowns in Oak Lawn Are Restoring Residents’ Smiles

If you live in Oak Lawn or the surrounding area and are self-conscious about your smile, then you may want to check out the various dental restorations that are available to you. If you opt for dental crowns in Oak Lawn, then you are choosing a dental restoration that is quite popular with area residents. A crown can be used to restore a smile when implants are placed, or can be used to repair a natural tooth that has a large cavity.

The Use of Crowns for Implants

Many people opt for dental crowns when they are choosing a restoration because the prosthetic is versatile. In many cases, people will attach the artificial teeth to posts affixed to implants – titanium posts that are fused with the bone and serve as metal roots.

When the implant is placed, the dental patient usually has to wait several months while the implant fuses with the bone so it can serve as a permanent anchor. After about six months, the dentist prepares the site of the implant for the artificial tooth or crown. If a person has any missing teeth, he or she can have a crown placed at the site of a missing tooth.

Using a Crown after a Root Canal

The crown can also be used to restore a natural tooth that contains a large-sized cavity. The artificial tooth often is used in root canal work when tooth decay has affected the root of a natural tooth. Whatever procedure is used, a dental crown is one prosthetic that is used quite often in the dental field.

The Advantages of Using the Prosthetic

The advantages associated with using a dental crown in Oak Lawn for restoration are numerous. Not only does the artificial tooth provide aesthetic benefits, but it is also good for one’s dental health. With a crown in place, teeth will not shift – something that can occur if there are gaps or missing teeth. Dentists use dental crowns for one of a variety of procedures and can vouch for their longevity. As long as you practice good dental health, the restoration can last for decades.

Look at All of Your Options

If you are currently considering a dental restoration that is covered, in part, by your insurance and that can be adapted to one of a variety of treatment plans, you may want to consult with your dentist. Ask him for his recommendations for restoring worn, decayed, or missing teeth using a crown prosthetic.

You may also want to consider dentures, bridgework, or veneers, depending on your budget and overall dental goals. Set up an initial appointment for an examination and consultation. Look at all your options and fully discuss them with a dentist before you make a decision.

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