Dehumidifiers and Central Air Conditioning Installation in Oklahoma City OK for an Unexpectedly Muggy Region

Residents of Oklahoma City may feel frustrated by how humid the weather can be. The location of this city, at least by looking at it on the map, should make it seem that the air would be drier in general. However, winds from the south that prevail in the summer bring muggy weather up from Texas. That’s one main reason area residents prefer to have central Air Conditioning Installation in Oklahoma City OK for their homes.

Seasonal Weather Issues

In some ways, this region gets the worst of seasonal weather. Summers can be sweltering with little relief. Winters tend to be very cold. A furnace or another whole-house heat source is imperative. Although a cooling system may seem like an amenity and not a necessity, most area residents would disagree. They want central Air Conditioning Installation in Oklahoma City OK for any house they will be living in.

Whole-House Dehumidification

In more arid areas to the southwest, homeowners generally don’t need to think about dehumidification, although they do want air conditioning during the hot weather. In Oklahoma City, homeowners may want to have a whole-house dehumidifier installed along with the central air system. Although air conditioning does decrease moisture in the air to a certain extent, the combination of central air and a dehumidifier is even more effective.

Typical Problem Areas

The most likely problem areas for excess moisture are the bathrooms and perhaps the kitchen. Homes in Oklahoma City do not have basements as a rule, so that is not a consideration. It can be difficult to manage humidity with a portable humidifier in two or three separate rooms. Especially if the place tends to feel a bit stuffy, the whole-house model is a good idea.

Saving Energy With Decreased Humidity

This strategy also will help the homeowners save energy because the rooms will feel comfortable even when the temperature is set higher. Energy experts say that a dehumidifier can allow households to cut their air conditioning use by a full 30 percent and still feel satisfied with their climate control. Anyone interested in this product may Contact Climatech Heat and Air for information.

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