Defendants with a Criminal Lawyer in Manhattan, KS Have Better Trial Results

When accused of a crime, many people do not know where to turn. The legal process is scary and overwhelming for those who are inexperienced with it or for those whose freedom or quality of life depends on it. The first thing that anyone facing a legal trial should do is hire a criminal lawyer in Manhattan, KS for help, as lawyers can help reduce sentences or charges and ensure that the case is handled fairly by the courts.

Plea Deals and Reduced Sentences

Being represented by a top-notch criminal attorney is the best way for defendants to increase their likelihood of receiving a plea deal or a reduced sentence following a conviction. If an attorney from Oleen Law Firm truly believes that their client will be proved guilty during a court trial, it might be the wisest choice to attempt to reduce the charges as well. In some cases, courts will accept a guilty plea to a lesser charge to avoid the time and expense associated with a full trial. Lawyers will help their clients determine if it is in their best interest to attempt a plea deal or work toward a reduced sentence if they are found guilty.


In some legal cases, the outcome of the trial might not seem fair or accurate to defendants and their attorneys. Luckily, if an attorney from feels as though some aspect of the trial was unfair or improperly handled, an appeal process is possible. Through appeals, the courts will have to revisit these cases and determine if they were conducted properly. If not, any convictions may be overturned, charges could be dismissed, or the entire case may be retried. Any of these options could help defendants attain a more favorable outcome from the case.

Though being charged with a criminal offense is an unpleasant and upsetting experience, help from an experienced attorney can make the entire process less stressful. Attorneys will assist their clients in attempting to reduce or dismiss charges, and they will handle any necessary appeals after a trial concludes. With the help of a criminal lawyer in Manhattan, KS defendants have the best chance of receiving a favorable result during their legal battle.

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