Deer Feeders for Your Viewing Pleasure

Wildlife watching is a great pastime. What makes it even better is knowing there will actually be deer to watch when you’re ready. Using an automatic deer feeder is a great way to ensure you can watch deer when you want.

Automatic deer feeders release food at the same time each day. Before you know it, the deer have figured out the appropriate time and will come every day like clockwork. Be sure to set the timer on your deer feeder to the time of day you want to observe the wildlife, keeping in mind that deer feed in the early morning and at dusk, avoiding the heat of the day.

There are several types of automatic deer feeders available. Gravity feed deer feeders are some of the most popular. This simple design opens the feeder door every day at the time prescribed by the timer, relying on gravity to release the food to the ground.

Broadcast feeders propel the food out around the feeder, ensuring the food covers a larger area. These feeders are the best kind for attracting new wildlife since a larger area is covered with food.

Trough feeders feature a trough at the bottom of the feeder. At the prescribed time, the door to the trough is opened, allowing the deer to access the food.

No matter which type of feeder you choose, you can be sure these are made from rugged weatherproof materials so that they last for years.

Talk with your dealer about the different types of feeders to determine which type will work best for your particular situation. Whether you choose a gravity feed deer feeder, trough style feeder or a broadcast feeder, you can be sure that the deer will come, and that you’ll enjoy every minute of watching them enjoy their dinner.

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