Decorating With Crates

A fun way to decorate your home with something other than the traditional furnishings and details is to use wooden crates. You can find wooden crates in Los Angeles stores sell almost anywhere and can decorate them with a variety of products, such as paint or stickers. You can also attach a piece of fabric to the crates for more texture and color.

Crates can be placed underneath benches outside for storage, especially if the benches are alongside a pool. Toys and tools used for keeping the water clean can be kept in the crates. Another option would be to attach wheels on the bottom of a crate before attaching another crate on top to create a cart that you can wheel around in your home. It can be used as a work station with a printer and charging stations or as a cart that you use in the kitchen for cooking utensils. It can also be used in the bathroom for various linens and toiletries.

Create storage lockers using wooden crates in Los Angeles area stores have by putting doors on the open side of each crate. You can decorate the doors in various ways depending on the room of the home they will be in, such as a child’s bedroom or the living room. Make an end table by putting industrial pipes on the bottom of a crate to serve as the legs. You can put shorter pipes on each side of the top of the crate to keep items from rolling off.

Paint the crates that you use to match the rest of the details in the room. White is a good color for the bathroom while a neutral color with a few stencils on the side is a good option for the kitchen. Position the crates in different directions when you’re designing storage options as this will bring a bit of life to the room.

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