Decorate Your Student Housing for Halloween with These Budget-Friendly Tips

You never have to break the bank to decorate your off-campus housing for Halloween. While it is important to stick to your budget while in college, there are several ways to find decorations without going over your set budget. You can decorate your off-campus housing at IUPUI for Halloween with these budget-friendly tips.

Shop With Your Roommates

One idea is to shop for Halloween decorations with your roommates. If everyone purchases decorative pieces that catch their eye, you do not have to spend as much to decorate the apartment. It also gives everyone the opportunity to bond and take part in some Halloween fun.

Check Out Dollar Stores

You can also decorate your off-campus housing at IUPUI for Halloween by visiting dollar stores in the area. These stores usually carry a decent selection of Halloween decor at a variety of prices, and this includes Halloween decor for $10 or less. You can find decor in a range of themes to fit your style, from pumpkins to horror.

Visit Local Flea Markets

Flea markets are great for saving money on decorative pieces because many people are just looking to get rid of their used items. The best part is you can find pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. Your apartment is sure to stand out with decor that is no longer available in popular chain stores.

If you are sticking to a budget this semester, be sure to shop for budget-friendly Halloween decor for your off-campus housing at IUPUI. Contact LUX on Capitol at

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