Deciding Whether to Combine Central Air Replacement With Furnace Replacement in Minnetonka

It’s common for heating and cooling technicians to install a residential furnace and central air unit at the same time. The home may not have had central air before, and when it came time for Furnace Replacement in Minnetonka, adding air conditioning during this appointment would save money on labor because of the combined installation. Eventually, replacing the furnace will need to be done again, as these appliances are generally expected to last a maximum of 20 years in a climate like that of Minnesota.

Regional Considerations

In some parts of the country, residents are advised to have the central air unit replaced again too, which makes sense if both appliances are used about the same number of hours during those two decades. In Minnesota, however, furnaces get much more of a workout that residential air conditioning systems do. It’s nearly always OK to keep the old central air unit even if it is the same age as the furnace.

What happens when the situation is reversed, and the A/C needs to be replaced? Perhaps the central air unit and the furnace are well beyond 20 years old, but the household residents did not run the furnace as much as the norm because they have a wood stove. Considering Furnace Replacement in Minnetonka in this situation is very reasonable.

Reasons for Combined Replacement

First, unless the home’s residents have been extremely dedicated, they have still probably been relying on that furnace a fair amount throughout the region’s long, harsh winters. Second, the savings on labor can be significant when having all the old equipment removed and the new appliances installed at the same appointment. Third, today’s furnaces are remarkably more energy efficient than those built 25 or 30 years ago.

Expert Insight

Expert insight into these questions can be provided by technicians from a company such as Sabre Heating & Air Conditioning. They can provide information in more detail about the pros and cons of having the dual system replaced at the same time or waiting until the other component starts to experience serious malfunctions. Please check out the website website domain to find out more about this particular company.

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