Deciding on Hiring Veterans Benefits Lawyers in Ohio

Understanding veterans’ benefits can be challenging and overwhelming for the injured vet and their loved ones. Anyone who has valiantly served their country and returned home injured, could use help navigating the Veterans Administration process.

Making a Veterans Disability Claim

The first step to making a disability claim through the Veterans Benefits Administration is knowing what type of injuries are qualified. The next step is deciding which injury claim to pursue. It could be very tempting to file for disability against all injuries recognized in the VAC file. However, this might not be the most expedient or fruitful plan of action. Jackson and MacNichol are veterans benefits lawyers in Ohio who can help former service members determine their best options when making a claim.

How Having an Attorney Can Help

The Veterans Administration oversees thousands of claims on any given day and improper filing can further delay compensation. An experienced veteran’s disability attorney could help make sure all injuries and symptoms are correctly identified so that any required forms are complete and accurate. A correctly prepared filing could save delays in processing and prevent denial of entitled benefits.

Preparing for the Attorney Consultation

Prior to the consultation, gathering all necessary documentation is vital. Bringing a copy of the VAC, all service records and proper identification can help the attorney determine if the claim is valid and how best to proceed. Also, the sooner the process starts, the better.

Start by making an appointment for a free consultation with Jackson and MacNichols by calling (800) 524-3339 or visiting their website.

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