Custom Glass Showers are Highly Desirable in Atlanta Georgia

There are many reasons to consider custom glass showers in Atlanta. The reasons span the gamut from style to accommodating a person with a disability. The bottom line is, remodeling the bathroom is something most homeowners have considered.

The fact is, the bathroom is one of the most popular rooms to remodel. You may simply want to update the look, or you may need to strip it down to the wallboard due to structural reasons. Whatever the case, a custom glass shower may be something to consider for your home. A new, glass shower enclosure will not only update the look of your bathroom, but it will also increase the value of your home.

If someone in your household has a disability, a custom glass shower may be essential. Despite common perception, the glass used in a shower enclosure is safe, tempered glass. The advantage of a custom glass shower enclosure is that it can be designed to accommodate the individual’s disability. Doors can be made wider, a ramp can be installed on the floor, and seating can be incorporated into the design.

Custom glass showers in Atlanta are highly desirable, and can increase your home’s value significantly. They create a visual impression of space, expanding the appearance of your bathroom. The appeal of a glass shower enclosure can’t be understated.

Whatever your goal, custom glass showers in Atlanta not only increase your home’s value, they can make your life more comfortable. A new glass shower enclosure instantly updates your bathroom, creating a clean, modern look.

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