Cumulative Trauma Injuries: How a Workplace Injury Lawyers Can Help in Minneapolis MN

Some people think that workers compensation claims can only relate to some type of specific event that results in a workplace injury. In fact, there are other types of injuries that are related to the workplace and develop over a period of time. These are often referred to as cumulative trauma injuries. Here is what the client will learn from a Workplace Injury Lawyers about seeking compensation for this type of injury.

Understanding the Concept

Before moving forward, it helps to learn more about what is meant by a cumulative trauma injury. This is an injury that may manifest as a physical or a neurological condition. The underlying cause for the damage is generally repetitive actions that place an unreasonable amount of stress on one or more parts of the body. In some jurisdictions, the term also refers to repeated exposure to materials and other elements without the benefit of protective measures being in place.

While those activities do not product an immediate effect, the results begin to manifest over a period of time. The result is that the employee is left with a condition that will take an extended period of time to overcome or could lead to a chronic condition that will be with the employee for the rest of his or her life.

An Example of a Cumulative Trauma Injury Imagine an employee who works on an assembly line. In order to perform the assigned duties, it’s necessary to bend forward slightly for hours. At the same time, there’s the need to turn to the far right and left at specific points in the routine. Over time, the activity strains the back muscles and begins to wear down the tissue in between the discs. After a couple of years, the employee finds it almost impossible to stand upright and experiences constant back pain.

If a court determines the employer did not take adequate measures to prevent the injury, the suit filed by the Workplace Injury Lawyers in Minneapolis, MN will result in a judgment in favor of the client. That provides the funds necessary to cover the costs of medical treatment even if the damage to the back is permanent.

Contact Rutzick Law Offices today and arrange a consultation. If there are grounds for pursuing a workplace injury case, the firm will take every legal measure to pursue a settlement that provides a reasonable amount of compensation to the client.

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