Create A Victorian Look Backyard With Classic Outdoor Walkway Lighting

A Victorian style of landscaping is sometimes referred to as an English garden, particularly in the United States. It features a range of different possible features and landscaping techniques, but the key issues are walkways through the landscape, central pieces, seating areas, the use of manicured hedges as borders and a variety of different flowers and plants that are grown in borders and beds throughout the landscaping.

The use of outdoor walkway lighting is a perfect touch for this type of landscaping design. The cobblestone or flagstones used in the development of both the paths as well as the small patio and seating spaces in these types of backyards are a perfect match for soft lighting in the evening to cast a gentle, warm glow over the stones.

The Look of Vintage Victorian

In addition to flagstone or cobblestone for the pathway, traditional Victorian gardens often feature wrought iron decorative fences and wrought iron benches or table and chair sets on the flagstone patios.

By choosing outdoor walkway lighting that uses wrought iron or a black, white, bronze or distress type of finish, the landscape lighting blends perfectly into the other pieces.


A more ornate type of outdoor walkway lighting in brass or bronze can also be an amazing addition. This is particularly a good choice if you have a gazebo or covered seating area in the landscaping. Look for fixtures that match the lines of the building, creating a perfect look in the daytime as well as at night.

Try to stay with natural finished of metal on the walkway lighting fixtures. By avoiding anything that looks too modern, it is easy to enhance the look of the garden area while still providing the level of illumination you need.

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