Create a Summer Oasis With an Updated Pool or Spa

It’s late afternoon in your backyard, and the hot Arizona sun is beating down again. Cool drinks and some porch shade do little to offer relief. You have a pool which used to be your go-to spot on sultry days, but now its plaster walls are cracked and discolored, the filter does not do a very good job anymore, and it hardly looks like the summer oasis you envision in your mind.

Grab some ice water and start researching the possibilities from a custom swimming pool contractor in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Why Choose to Renovate or Remodel a Pool

The two main reasons to renovate an existing pool are condition and appearance. No one wants to swim in a pool that is falling apart or has poor filtration capabilities. No one wants to look out their back window and see nothing but a bright blue eyesore that is more awful than it is an oasis.

Especially in this hot climate, remodeling a pool creates an alluring place to refresh yourself, an attractive addition to your property, and an increase in energy efficiency to lower utility bills.

Renovation or Remodeling Possibilities

An experienced custom swimming pool contractor in Scottsdale offers a host of services from complete overhauls to a few simple installations. Options include:

•    Re-plastering of pool walls
•    Installation of a connected spa to a pool
•    Replacing outdated equipment with more efficient models
•    Renovation of the pool surround
•    Addition of waterfalls, ladders, and even pool slides

Choosing a Custom Swimming Pool Contractor in Scottsdale

Many residential properties in Scottsdale have pools in the backyard. Multiple companies who provide associated services like maintenance and re-surfacing exist. The decision about who to sign a contract with depends on three main criteria: budget, outcome, and trust. You want a certain look and feel to your summertime oasis. It needs to affordable and fit into your home maintenance and remodeling budget. And, perhaps the most important of all, you need to trust the contractor to do the job well without any problems.

Arizona Pool & Spa Renovations has been building, remodeling, and renovating existing pools for over 50 years. They offer free design consultation services to homeowners who need to refine their vision before the work begins and free estimates. They combine style, experience, and environmentally-conscious energy efficiency in every project.

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