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by | Feb 19, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When homeowners treat their HVAC systems right, they should work efficiently for years. However, when regular inspections and maintenance are delayed, an owner could find themselves with a unit that works improperly or not at all. Here, homeowners can learn some mistakes to avoid, and they can also learn how J & S AIR INC in Lakeway TX can help them avoid frustration and unnecessary expense.

Blocking Return Vents

Air returns are there for a good reason, and even if they’re unsightly, they shouldn’t be covered up or hidden. Doing so forces the system to work harder to cool or heat the home, leading to inefficiency and higher utility bills.

Not Scheduling Regular Maintenance

Like other home appliances, HVAC systems work better when they’re well-maintained. Homeowners can clear debris away from the outside unit, change the air filter regularly, and keep return and supply registers clear. However, other jobs should be left to the professionals.

Not Changing Air Filters

Home HVAC systems have filters that need regular cleaning or replacement. Depending on the unit’s type and usage schedule, filter changes should be done once a month to once a year. When the filter isn’t changed, debris and dirt will build up, and the system won’t work as efficiently as it could. Furthermore, dirt and pollutants could end up inside the home, negatively affecting air quality and causing allergy flare-ups in sensitive individuals.

Closing Vents and Rooms

Most people have heard that they can save on cooling and heating by closing rooms that aren’t in use. While this may work with fireplaces and window units, it has the opposite effect with modern central HVAC systems. Closing rooms and vents makes the system work harder to do its job, which drives up cooling and heating costs.

Not Having the Unit Inspected

Even if the system is well taken care of, it still needs occasional professional attention. It’s good to have the system serviced and inspected at least once per year, although many experts recommend having it done before the heating and cooling seasons. Call J & S AIR INC in Lakeway TX today to schedule service or Click Here for more details on the company’s products and services.

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