Cosmetic Dental Care Can Improve Your Smile

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Cosmetic Dentist

Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you hide your mouth when you speak or smile? Are your teeth discolored or missing? Cosmetic Dental Care can greatly enhance the appearance of the facial area. Individuals that are missing several teeth may have problems speaking clearly or chewing their food properly. They can suffer from jaw pain as well as headaches. An individual does not have to suffer from feeling self-conscious of their appearance any longer. There are a variety of cosmetic dental procedures available that will enhance their smile and improve their health.

If someone is missing several teeth, they may want to consider having a bridge installed. A bridge involves the use of two crowns with a false tooth in between. A bridge can be removed from the mouth for cleaning and regular care. This type of dental treatment is a great solution for individuals that are missing a few teeth but do not require an entire set of dentures to complete their smile. A bridge can prevent the teeth from shifting within the jaw bone and improve chewing for an individual. If the teeth are missing on one side of the mouth, a patient will use the other side to chew all of their food. This can create undue pressure and lead to jaw pain or headaches.

A number of things can affect the color of the teeth. Home whitening kits are available on the market but will not whiten the teeth as quickly and evenly as having it completed in a dental office. The home whitening kits do not contain the same amount of peroxide concentration as one in a Cosmetic Dental Care office. Whitening strips can slip from the teeth during use and cause uneven whitening or spots. Whitening kits that contain trays can irritate the gums. Whitening in a dental office includes protection of the gums during the procedure and only takes an hour. The whitening kits for use at home can take several weeks or months to achieve results.

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