Consult with a Divorce Law Attorney in Lee’s Summit, MO

If a person is facing or contemplating a divorce, they will have a lot of questions. Although family and friends have good intentions when they offer their advice, people should still speak with a divorce law attorney in Lee’s Summit, MO. Family law constantly changes and their knowledge and guidance are necessary to have the best divorce possible.

Rarely will a divorce go smoothly between the parties. An attorney will keep their client grounded and focused on the tasks they need to complete. The attorney is not a judge of who was right or wrong in the breakup of the marriage and only offers legal guidance to complete the divorce process.

Dissolution of Marriage

Divorce in Missouri is referred to as dissolution of marriage. Although the term is different than the word divorce, they are the same thing.

Grounds for Divorce

In Missouri, people do not have to prove the reason they are requesting a divorce. This is a no-fault state and in rare circumstances, an individual may want to allege other grounds. The person must have been a resident of Missouri for at least 90 days immediately before filing for a divorce. The couple must wait at least 30 days after a Petition for Dissolution is received by the opposing party until the divorce can be final.

Assets and Debts

Assets and debts are usually a hot subject while getting a divorce. Before an individual closes or restricts a joint checking account or credit card, they should speak with a divorce law attorney in Lee’s Summit, MO. In some situations, the attorney will advise a client to close the account and in other situations, they may suggest the client put a restriction on the account.

The debt that is accumulated during the marriage will be distributed between the two parties. It is not always distributed 50/50. A divorce law attorney will be able to help with the proper breakdown of assets and liabilities. If there are children involved, this could also change the calculation. Visit the website and you’ll see an easy place to start finding the answers to your questions about family law. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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