Consider the Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows in Santa Clarita CA for Your Home

When considering windows for a new construction home or replacement the Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows in Santa Clarita CA cannot be over-emphasized. Investing in windows is not only an investment in your home’s equity but also in your wallet and personal comfort. The following are the main advantages of energy efficient windows.

  *    Energy & Cost Savings -; In parts of the United States with long heating seasons, windows that are not energy-efficient, result in heat loss, condensation issues, and personal discomfort. Regions that require longer periods of cooling rather than heating, unwanted heat gain is the main problem with non-efficient energy windows.

  *    Reduced HVAC Costs -; The peak load is the maximum heating or cooling requirement at one time and determines the size of the HVAC system. By reducing the peak load, required homeowners might be able to downsize their HVAC systems.

  *    Improved Comfort -; During cold weather the outdoor temperature actually lowers the temperature of the interior window surface to below the indoor air temperature. This causes the air near the window to cool and drop to the floor where it produces drafts. In the summer months, solar radiation coming through the window results in the opposite effect on the occupants causing them to increase the AC to counter the heat. Energy-efficient windows combat this effect due to their lower U-factor, which produces higher interior window surface temperatures in the colder months reducing the cold draft effect and the transmission of solar rays. Click Here at the Dept. of Energy website for more information.

  *    Reduced Condensation -; Due to the lower U-factor another benefit of energy-efficient windows is that by creating a warmer interior window surface the accumulation of frost and condensation is nearly eliminated. Combining insulating frames and warm edge technology results in reduce condensation on the interior windows under any condition.

  *    Increased Daylight & View -; Another one of the Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows in Santa Clarita CA is that advancements in technology have eliminated the need for the darkening tint that reduced one’s view of the outdoors. Newer low-E glazings prevent as much solar heat from transmitting through the window while allowing as much daylight as possible.

Window manufacturers have made tremendous advancements in technology. The result is lower energy bills, increased comfort, and even increased lifespans of interior valuables by reducing the fading effect that the sun’s UV rays have on furniture, carpeting, and wood flooring.

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